World Konkani Centre welcomes you to Konkani Recipes Of the World Project, Online Repository of Authentic Konkani Cuisine. The Project aims to document and preserve Authentic Konkani Recipes.

If you are a Konkani Speaking person, whether Hindu, Christian or Muslim, hailing from any region of the Konkan, Canara or Malabar Coast, We want you to go down in to your memory lane and dig out those recipes which we don't do at home anymore, those recipes we feel not worth putting effort in, those recipes which can only be made at a temple feast, bring back the Great Konkani Culinary Heritage to life by documenting the age old authentic Konkani Recipes.

You can also add any authentic Konkani Recipes on your day to day menu which you enjoy preparing for your family and guests.

If you want to submit any Authentic Konkani Recipe to this repository, please ensure that recipe is already not here. If your's is a slightly different version, then please mention it suitably and name it similar to the already existing recipe.

Submitting your recipe to this repository is very easy. You just need to fill out your recipe in the following form and submit it. A separate page will be created for your recipe. You can come back and edit the page, add more photographs and change the description.


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ARHeader1 One of the pioneer Recipe blogger, Aayi's Recipe presents the Authentic Konkani Cuisine to the world along with other Indian delicacies. Ms. Shilpa has been around since 2005 now, and has a considerable fan following for her blog. Aayi's Recipe also got a Facebook Page with more than 1000 likes. That's great Shilpa. Congratulations

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